Navigating Insurance in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide


Imagine moving to a picturesque nation known for its magnificent blend of cultures, historic landmarks, and breathtaking coastlines. Welcome to Turkey! However, as with any significant transition, understanding essential services like insurance is paramount. In this article, we’ll delve into the intric of various insurance types available in Turkey, offering insights to both locals and expats on securing their well-being and assets.

Understanding the Basics of Insurance in Turkey

Health Insurance

Healthcare in Turkey is renowned for being both high in quality and affordable. Whether you’re a local or an expatriate, having adequate health insurance is crucial.

Public Health Insurance (SGK)

The Social Security Institution (SGK) provides public health insurance to residents, covering a vast array of medical services. Here are the key features:

  • Coverage: Includes treatments at state hospitals and some private ones.
  • Fees: Generally involves lower medical fees compared to private insurance.
  • Eligibility: Automatically available to all working residents contributing to the SGK system.

For expats, it’s worthwhile to note that they can enroll in the SGK system after residing in Turkey for more than one year. This option ensures that even non-working individuals and dependents receive healthcare benefits.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance in Turkey offers enhancements over public healthcare, such as access to more private hospitals and reduced waiting times.

  • Variety of Plans: Ranges from basic to comprehensive coverage plans.
  • Flexibility: Many carriers provide tailored packages to meet individual needs.
  • Compatibility: Newcomers often prefer private insurance due to the flexibility and extensive network coverage.

Renowned companies like Allianz and Axa offer robust plans suitable for various requirements and budgets.

Auto Insurance

Given the bustling traffic in cities like Istanbul, having car insurance isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Turkish law mandates that all vehicles must have a minimum level of insurance.

Compulsory Traffic Insurance

Known as “Zorunlu Trafik Sigortası,” this basic coverage is legally required and covers damages to third parties in the event of an accident.

  • Scope: Covers only third-party damages; it does not cover the insured’s vehicle.
  • Fine: Heavy penalties for uninsured vehicles, including fines and impoundment.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

For additional peace of mind, comprehensive car insurance (Kasko) includes broader coverage beyond mere legal requirements:

  • Protection: Covers theft, natural disasters, accidents, and personal injuries.
  • Flexibility: Allows policyholders to select from full or partial coverage options.
  • Benefits: Often includes extras like roadside assistance and rental car services.

Notable providers such as Anadolu Sigorta and Zurich Turkey offer a range of comprehensive packages.

Home Insurance

Buying or renting a home in Turkey is a significant investment, making home insurance pivotal.

DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance)

Due to Turkey’s geographical location on multiple fault lines, earthquake insurance (DASK) is compulsory.

  • Coverage: Provides essential coverage for earthquakes and related catastrophes like fires.
  • Importance: A prerequisite for home mortgages and relevant legal transactions.

Voluntary Home Insurance

Many homeowners opt for additional voluntary home insurance that covers:

  • Extended Perils: Protection against fire, theft, water damage, and more.
  • Contents Insurance: Protection of personal belongings within the home.
  • Liability Coverage: Covers accidents causing third-party injuries within your property.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance ensures a worry-free journey, whether exploring the historic sites in Cappadocia or cruising along the Bosphorus.

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Covers unforeseen medical costs during travels.
  • Trip Cancellation: Reimburses for non-refundable trip costs due to unforeseen cancellations.
  • Lost luggage: Compensates for lost or delayed baggage.

Providers like Mapfre and Ergo Turkey are popular choices for comprehensive travel insurance plans.


Understanding and navigating the landscape of insurance in Turkey can seem daunting at first, but with the right information and resources, one can make informed decisions to safeguard health, belongings, and overall peace of mind. Whether opting for public health insurance, comprehensive car coverage, or robust home protection, Turkey offers a variety of options to meet diverse needs. By understanding these different insurance types, you can enjoy your Turkish adventure with an added layer of security and confidence.